Sunday, June 14, 2009

1/144 HG Exia

Project for Singapore mid year challenge 2009. Combination of HG Exia and HG O-raiser. Initial idea will use the part of the raiser, do some modification and mount to the back of Exia body. This project took me around 3 months plus. So here the start of my 1st gundam model, below are some of the WIP(work in progress) picture.
新加坡2009年中比赛。用了HG Exia 和HG O-raiser合体。概念是用O-raiser的零件做为Exia的背包。大概花了三个多月来完成它。我的第一架模型就从这里开始,以下是一些制作过程图。

Exia body mount with O-raiser parts.

O-raiser wing as the back-pack.

Add in detail to the leg. The modified leg compare to origin leg.

Overall test fit. Do some modification to the shoulder as well.

Modification works almost done. Ready for paiting.

The progress of original CB action base to painted base.
从原装白色action base到上色制作过程。