Sunday, April 17, 2011

Full scratch-build MSA-0011 S-Gundam head display

This is my 1st fully scratch-build project or self-challenge project. Recently not planning to join any competition so I had decided to make my very 1st Gundam Head Desktop Display. S-Gundam head, one of my gundam head wish-list. Plan to get this since few years ago when I saw a completed 1/35 scale S-Gundam head at one of the local hobby store. Wish to get a resin but the price of the resin head quite high and never do any resin kits before. The build is quite straight forward, since I have a MG EX-S gundam model kit, so i just get the head and enlarge it in double size which become around 1/50 scale. The head design will base on MG and the detail will refer to resin head, LED will be add on later. Ok, here the start of my build~~~ 这是我的第一个完全自制或自我挑战计划。最近没参加什么模型比赛,就决定做我的第一个高达模型头像。S-Gundam,很久以前在本地某所模型店看到1/35的EX-S头像成品,就很想要拥有可是当时它的价钱蛮高的所以迟迟都没买到它。这是很直接的制作,我自己本身有个MG EX-S模型,所以我就拿了那个MG头来做榜样。只是把MG头放大2倍,大概变成1/50比例吧。这头的设计是以MG的来做标准,细节会参考resin的头像,LED也会加入等等~~~好了,制作开始~~~

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SD O-Gundam

Finally, the SD O-Gundam was done without the Full-Armor!! Since I not able to meet the due date, so I had terminated the build of the FA system. I believed that I able to do something like this in the future build. From this build, had learn a lot of pla-plate scratch-building technique. It's quite fun to do something which don't have yet, but at the end nothing to show up....less talk, here the final picture....
最后,在没有FA装备的低下,这SD O-Gundam终算如期完成了。因为没办法在预期内完成FA装备,结果必须忍痛终止这FA制作。但是我相信在未来的模型道路里,我会做这类似的制作。从这个制作过程中,学到了很多胶板的制作技巧。自制某种还没出现东西是蛮好玩的,但是最后还是做不出来XD。OK,少说,上图。。。

LED lighting base.....

Green color LED lighting mode with adjustment of switch....

7 colors LED lighting with adjustment of switch....

"Uncompleted" SD Full Armor O-Gundam test-fit just for fun

Friday, January 7, 2011

MyGundam 3rd Group Build - SD O-Gundam WIP-4

Here some updates of the side skirts new revised, redo with pla-plates and rods. Move-able arm, and move-able foot portion~~~

Monday, January 3, 2011

MyGundam 3rd Group Build - SD O-Gundam WIP-3

Here are some recent work progress~~~dealing with the head LED lighting unit for the eye portion and some other detailing as well. Here is goes the WIP~~~~