Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1/144 HGUC FA-93HWS Nu Gundam

MyGundam forum had launched the 2nd group build event. The title of this GB will be HGUC 0096 & 0093 gundam series and model that i took is 1/144 HGUC FA-93HWS Nu Gundam. For this build, i will try to maintain the original look. Let's see how it will turns out in the end. Hope i will finish it before the due date(31/08/2010).
MyGundam论坛举办了第二次的齐齐砌。这次的题目是HGUC 0096 & 0093 高达系列。我的选择是1/144 HGUC FA-93HWS Nu Gundam。这次的齐齐砌,我会尽量保持它的原型,只会加强细节而已。希望自己可以如期完成它(截止31/08/2010)。

After snap-fited, my first impresion for this kit is...."WOW, is very pretty and huge kit(under HGUC model kits comparison), like it so much"....

to be continue...