Monday, December 6, 2010

MyGundam 3rd Group Build - SD O-Gundam WIP-1

After the Singapore BMKWC 2010, this will be my next project, build for MyGundam 3rd Group Build, title will be Super Deformation Gundam(SD Gundam). SD O-Gundam will be my choice. So here the start of the WIP~~~
新加坡高达模型环球杯2010过后,这是我的新制作,为MyGundam的第三的齐齐砌而做。标题是SD Gundam。我选的机体是O-Gundam。制作现在就开始~~~

Increase the leg articulation so that it able to do more action pose.

The placement of the joint on the leg was slightly on the left and right, so i cut and adjust it to the center. Add in some pla-plate and koto as detail~~

SB the upper part of the leg~~

test fit...the overall seems out of proportion. I will adjust it while proceed my next wip.